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DTV was originally designed as a youth magazine programme for the deaf and hard of hearing, and has become the pioneer in deaf television programmes – serving as an example in Europe and Britain for programmes such as Vee-TV, the British equivalent of DTV. DTV has been commissioned by the SABC on a yearly basis since 1996, and each weekly episode of DTV features stories designed to inspire, empower and educate.

The production house responsible for DTV, The New Production Corporation, pioneered the ongoing training of deaf television crew members in South Africa. During its 18 year existence, The New Production Corporation has trained deaf directors, assistant directors, presenters, actors, sub-title editors, camera, wardrobe, and continuity persons, production assistants, scriptwriters and runners. Louis Neethling, the first director trained by DTV, was offered employment by the BBC and has been directing award winning dramas since 2002. This speaks of the standard of training in the company. He is currently training deaf individuals all over Europe for the television industry.

DTV and The New Production Corporation have always been driven by the vision of “for the Deaf by the Deaf”.

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