Crazy Colin Competition Winners

DTV would like to extend our congratulations to all the winners in the Crazy Colin competition, and our thanks to everyone who entered. Don’t be too disappointed if you did not win because we are planning another great contest for 2015.

The final list of winners:

  1. Alicia Sewchuran – Pietermaritzburg
  2. Johan Pottas – Krugerdorp
  3. Zintle Melane – Westonaria
  4. Selina Mohlahlo – Mamelodi East
  5. Thivhani Sadiki – Wattville

Sean Allan’s Story – Coming Soon

In 1996 a young Sean Allan was arrested while travelling through Thailand and charged with drug trafficking.

He was sentenced to 15-years imprisonment in a Thai prison.

9-Years later, thanks to a royal pardon, he was released and returned to South Africa to rebuild his life.

Today, thanks to his commitment, and a lot of hard work, he is a successful entrepreneur.

Join DTV on Saturday, 10 January 2015, when Troy Panaino focuses his camera on Sean, who shares the harrowing details of his time in a Thai prison, along with the triumphs of returning to South Africa, and starting all over again.

Learn more about Sean, and how to avoid becoming an unwilling drug mule yourself, by viewing our slideshow here.


South African Sign Language Lessons – Technology

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, technological advancements have always had a significant impact on human lives, including the lives of the Deaf and hard of hearing.

From hearing aids to cochlear implants, fax machines to email, Skype, WhatsApp and more. With the growing popularity of smartphones, we are also starting to see an increase in the development of mobile apps that aid communication between the Deaf and the hearing.

In this week’s South African Sign Language lesson, Thabo and Bradley discuss technology and the devices they can’t live without. Unfortunately, even though we are seeing awesome developments when it comes to self-driving cars, Thabo will have to wait a bit longer to realise his dream of flying cars.

Watch and learn, and then tell us a bit about the technology you can’t live without.

Having difficulty viewing this video? Try this link.


DeafNet Annual General Meeting

In Crazy Colin

See what new tricks Crazy Colin has up his sleeve this week.

In Connect

Candice was invited to deliver the keynote address at this year’s DeafNet Annual General Meeting (AGM). DTVs director and cameraman, Troy, and our interpreter, Kendall, travelled to Worcester with Candice to film an insert of this event.

In South African Sign Language Lessons

Like most other languages, Sign Language does have regional dialects: different ways in which the same concept is signed. This is why we specifically refer to our lessons as South African Sign Language (SASL), indicating that while there might be some signs that are common across other regions, some are unique to South Africa.

From this week, Thabo begins each lesson by first demonstrating specific signs, before proceeding to have a conversation in which these signs are used.

In Candice @

Thabo visits the James Hall Museum of Transport in Johannesburg, which houses the most comprehensive collection of land transport in South Africa.

DTV Broadcast Times
This episode is broadcast on Saturday, 29 November 2014 at 12h00 (CAT), and repeated on Sunday, 30 November 2014 at 02h30 (CAT). Only on SABC 3.

New Feature – Copy the Look

DTVs principle presenter, Candice Morgan, is always stylishly dressed thanks in part to her wardrobe being sponsored by Big Blue, and our new feature on the DTV website will now help you copy her look. Every 1-2 months we will present an assortment of her outfits, along with links to the Big Blue online store allowing you to buy any of the items regardless of where in South Africa you live.

About Big Blue

Big Blue started as a Pop-Up store in a flea market way back in 1986, and since then they have grown to 21 stores around the country, and an online store.

Big Blue has always been both environmentally and socially concious, using locally sourced fabrics where possible, along with recycled fabrics; in addition to this, Big Blue also supports local designers and crafters, and has recently started to implement energy efficient designs in their store layouts.

Big Blue is a Proudly South African company, and their brand has a strong sense of individuality and quirkiness that always translates into great clothing.



  1. V-Front Ties Top by Zadebe – in Lime
  2. Sonja Large Bead Necklace – in Lime (various colours available)
  3. Razor Back Dress by Gottalotaluv – in Lime (also available in Stone)
  4. Tinkerbell Dress by Smudj – in Navy
  5. Ritzy Belt by Big Blue – in Olive (various colours available)
  6. Sonja Small Bead Necklace – in Lime (various colours available)
  7. Lace Shell Top by Zadebe – in Black


  1. Zebra Stamp T-Shirt by Krag Drag
  2. Africa Target T-Shirt by Big Blue
  3. 3 Monkey T-Shirt by Big Blue
  4. Cheap Cheap T-Shirt by Krag Drag

Please note: all items listed above where available at the time of posting. As with any fashion items, there is a possibility that the item(s) you are interested in may no longer be available.


DTV is Looking for Love!

DTV is planning an insert that looks at relationships where one partner is hearing, and the other is deaf/hard of hearing.

We would like to hear from you if you are in such a relationship, and willing to be interviewed for TV. The only requirements are:

  • One partner in the relationship must be hearing, and the other must be deaf/hard of hearing.
  • You are both willing to be interviewed on camera, and featured in an upcoming episode of DTV.
  • You have been together for at least one year.
  • You live in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban or Cape Town.

Please note the following:

  • No compensation is offered for being interviewed and/or featured in the insert. This includes any expenses you may incur for transport, accommodation and other incidentals.
  • Submitting your details to us does not guarantee that you will be interviewed or featured in the insert.

If you meet the above requirements, and are willing to be interviewed, please submit your details to us using this form.  Submit your story now, if you haven’t already done so.

If you don’t meet the requirements, please consider helping us out by sharing this article with your friends or family who do meet the requirements, and might be interested in being featured.


South African Sign Language Lessons – Illness

No matter how fit we are, and no matter what precautions we take, we all fall ill occasionally. Being active, and eating well can minimise the seriousness of any illness, while ensuring our system is able to fight any infection, but sometimes the illness is so serious, we have to see a doctor for treatment.

In today’s South African Sign Language lesson Thabo takes us through the basics of communicating details about our health, be it with a medical professional, or just someone close to us.

Having difficulty viewing the video? Try this link.

Centre for Deaf Studies 15th Anniversary

Candice Morgan presents Professor Claudine Storbeck from the Centre for Deaf Studies with a birthday cake on behalf of DTV, to congratulate the Centre on its remarkable achievements over the past 15 years – which have included training over 952 teachers of the Deaf, supporting over 1200 Deaf infants and being named a “Centre of Excellence” within this highly specialized field in South Africa.


From left to right: Wits Vice-Chancellor Professor Adam Habib, Candice Morgan, Thabo Nthatlo, Professor Claudine Storbeck, Professor Jean Baxen and Professor Tawane Kupe


South African Deaf Rugby Union National Team

Meet Crazy Colin

For the past few weeks Crazy Colin has been popping up all over the place with no explanation. Until now.

This week you finally get to learn more about Crazy Colin.

In Connect

The South African Deaf Rugby Union (SADRU) held their national trials on 27 September 2014. This week DTV visits SADRU to learn more about them, and to find out which players made the official selection.

In South African Sign Language Lessons

Technology has undergone incredible transformations over the past 60-years, and much of what we take for granted nowadays wasn’t even accessible to consumers 10-20 years ago. Desktop computers and laptops have become smaller and more powerful, and cellphones have become smartphones – a portable phone that is also an entertainment system, and provides easy access to a wealth of knowledge.

In today’s South African Sign Language lesson, Thabo and Bradley talk about some of their favourite technology – before a flying car makes an appearance.

DTV Broadcast Times
This episode is broadcast on Saturday, 22 November 2014 at 12h00 (CAT), and repeated on Sunday, 23 November 2014 at 02h30 (CAT). Only on SABC 3.

World Diabetes Day 2014

World Diabetes Day (WDD) is an official United Nations Day, and is celebrated every year on 14 November, in more than 160 countries. The purpose of the campaign is not only to keep diabetes in the public spotlight, but also to raise awareness, and draw attention to critical issues relating to diabetes.

The campaign is attached to a new theme every three years, with the latest theme (from 2014 to 2016) being “Healthy Living and Diabetes”.

Aside from local events in your area, you can help raise awareness of diabetes (and World Diabetes Day), by using the International Diabetes Federation’s (IDF) new WDD Selfie app – use the app to take a selfie, position the blue circle wherever you want to (it is the global symbol for diabetes), and share it on the WDD pages, and across your own social network profiles. You can find the app on the iOS (Apple) and Google (Android) App stores, or by following this link.


The infographics below provide additional information regarding diabetes, and you can also visit the IDF website for more information.

Did you know?

If diabetes were a country, it would be the third most populated country in the world.