Miss Deaf South Africa 2015 (Part 1)

Miss Deaf South Africa 2015 – Part 1

The Miss Deaf South Africa pageant has transformed significantly since the very first event in 1997, and this year’s pageant saw some of the biggest changes yet. This resulted in the DTV team spending a full week with all the finalists, leading up to the gala evening, and this week DTV brings you the first of two full episodes dedicated just to Miss Deaf South Africa 2015.

Please note that this episode does not include any SASL lessons, or household tips.

DTV Broadcast Times
This episode is broadcast on Saturday, 05 December 2015 at 12h00 (CAT), and repeated on Sunday, 06 December 2015 at 02h30 (CAT). Only on SABC 3.

Njeleti’s Household Tips – Shoe Polish


South African Sign Language Lessons – Pets (2)

There is a lot of historical evidence showing cats being kept as pets in ancient Egypt, but more recent discoveries suggest that cats were domesticated as far back as 5,300 years ago. Dogs as pets date back even further, perhaps as far as 12,000 years ago. The initial role for cats was primarily for pest control, with them helping to control rat populations, while dogs would have helped with hunting, herding, and even protection.

Both cats and dogs are still able to perform these roles, but many people keep them as pets for different reasons nowadays. Most pets offer a form of emotional benefit, while dogs, and some other animals, can also be trained to provide physical benefits to people with disabilities and certain disorders. Not forgetting the benefit of exercise when taking your dog for a walk, which is what Thabo Ntatlo talks about in this week’s South African Sign Language lesson.


16 Days of Activism


Wrestling is one of the oldest forms of combat, with cave drawings dating back 15,000 years depicting wrestling scenes. Over centuries it has transformed into a sport, though many of the holds used in the modern-day sport also date back to ancient times.

The DTV team visited a local wrestling club to learn more about the sport from champion wrestlers.

South African Sign Language Lessons

A common ice-breaker (if you’ll pardon the phrase) when meeting someone for the first time, is to talk about the weather. We find common ground in being able to praise the weather if it is favourable, and to complain about it if it is unpleasant.

And that is exactly what Thabo Ntatlo does in this week’s South African Sign Language lesson.

Household Tips

To toddlers and young children, any blank surface is as good as an empty canvas, and with the right tools, they’ll gladly turn it into an art-piece. Of course, it is entirely up to you whether you frame their masterpiece, or follow Njeleti’s tips to return it to its original state.

16 Days of Activism

16 Days of Activism began as a global campaign against gender violence in 1991, and in many nations, including South Africa, the campaign has been adapted to cover violence against women and children. The campaign runs every year from 25 November through to 10 December, encompassing both the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and International Human Rights Day.

This year, DTV visited a local school to allow children to share their thoughts on violence against women and children

DTV Broadcast Times
This episode is broadcast on Saturday, 28 November 2015 at 12h00 (CAT), and repeated on Sunday, 29 November 2015 at 02h30 (CAT). Only on SABC 3.
SASL - Playground

South African Sign Language Lessons – Playgrounds

The terms playground and park have always been largely synonymous in South Africa, because most public parks, even small ones, include a playground.

In this week’s South African Sign Language lesson Thabo Ntatlo talks about spending time in a park, along with some of the required activities for any adults accompanying children to the park. Just remember, playgrounds are built for children, adults should only supervise – even if the swings look ever so tempting.


Njeleti’s Household Tips – Stained Mugs & Cups


Suzie Jordaan

Suzie Jordaan

Suzie Jordaan only got into baking cakes for special occasions after she retired, but she never allowed this stop her from creating a thriving one-woman business that now supplies cakes to local hotels, and for corporate functions.

The DTV team met up with Suzie during their recent trip to Cape Town, and she baked a batch of special cupcakes just for them.

South African Sign Language Lessons

Do you have any pets? Our latest South African Sign Language lesson is all about pets, and exercise – the kind you get from walking your dog.

Household Tips

Is there a quick and easy way to buff up a pair of leather shoes if you’re all out of shoe polish? Watch Njeleti’s latest tip to find out.

Hannelie Coetzee

Some artists limit themselves to working only in one medium, but Hannelie Coetzee is not one of them. Hannelie originally studied photography, and worked for many years as a professional photographer before switching to urban art. But Hannelie’s urban art is not the traditional mural painted on the side of a building. Instead her murals are sculpted from the building facade itself, using depth, texture and natural light to create incredibly unique pieces that stand as long as the building does.


Skateistan is a multinational non-profit organisation which uses skateboarding as an empowerment tool. The concept was born in Afghanistan, where girls (who make up more than 40% of Skateistan’s students) are not allowed to ride bicycles, but are allowed to ride skateboards.

Skateistan has major projects in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and as of 2014, in Johannesburg, South Africa. DTV visited them earlier this year to learn more about this project, and to see some of the work they do.

DTV Broadcast Times
This episode is broadcast on Saturday, 21 November 2015 at 12h00 (CAT), and repeated on Sunday, 22 November 2015 at 02h30 (CAT). Only on SABC 3.

South African Sign Language Lessons – Plants

Unless it is raining, my office at DTV is outside, in the garden. I love working out in the open air, surrounded by trees and shrubs, with the wind tickling my nose and making the flowers in the garden dance. The light outside is quite different, and even on the hottest days the shade can be cooler, and more soothing, than an air-conditioner.

Thabo Ntatlo does the same in this week’s South African Sign Language lesson, finding himself a beautiful spot in the garden for his video call. This week’s vocabulary includes fresh air, flowers, plants and trees.


Njeleti’s Household Tips – Carpet Cleaner