Ashleigh & Nicole Bredeveldt

Ashleigh & Nicole Bredeveldt

Looking at Ashleigh and Nicole Bredeveldt, sisters from Cape Town, you could easily believe there is a mystical connection between twin siblings. They have similar interests and hobbies, and even as adults they remain exceptionally close to one another. But even though they studied in related fields, they have separate identities; small things that set them apart, and only become noticeable once you get to know them better.

In this week’s episode, Candice spends time with Ashleigh and Nicole, and attempts to discover what these differences are.

South African Sign Language Lessons

Having a child together is a bigger responsibility than many people realise, and is something that should never be considered carelessly or in haste.

In this week’s South African Sign Language lesson Karabo cautions a young lady against following this path in the interest of her relationship.

Household Tips

It’s a given that no matter how carefully you try to remove price labels from items, the label will come off in bits and pieces, leaving you struggling to get it all off. Plates and glasses can easily be soaked in warm, soapy water, but what about stickers on walls, and price labels on more delicate items?

Nyeleti has this covered with an easy solution that can be used on almost any item.

Model Trains

Although his dad was a model train enthusiast all his life, Rob Marsh only became passionate about the hobby later in life. But this hasn’t stopped him from building an impressive collection of trains and the model scenery they run through. And Rob’s attention to detail on his models will surprise you; from painting cars no larger than a thumbnail, to ensuring signs on buildings are appropriately weathered.

Thabo Ntatlo was the idiomatic “kid in a candy store”.

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This episode is broadcast on Saturday, 05 March 2016 at 12:00pm (CAT), and repeated on Sunday, 06 March 2016 at 2:30am (CAT). Only on SABC 3.

South African Sign Language Lessons – Relationship Advice

A common mistake in new relationships is to rush things. In an attempt to get to know the other person better we arrange multiple outings: dinner, a movie, the theatre, a concert, going to parties, etc. While these activities ensure you spend a lot of time together, they aren’t conducive to what you need most in a relationship: communication. Truly getting to know each other depends on being able to talk to each other; discussing what motivates you, what you like and don’t like, and what your life and relationship goals are.

In this week’s South African Sign Language lesson, Karabo is contacted by a young man with this exact problem. He has been dating for a few weeks, but is concerned that his new girlfriend never wants to go out. Naturally, Karabo is able to quickly identify the cause, and offer some relationship advice.

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Nyeleti’s Household Tips – Surface Scourer


Introduction to 4×4

Introduction to 4×4

In an urban setting the 4×4 has become synonymous with sport’s utility vehicles (SUV), but a true 4×4 is not just a vehicle that is capable of traversing some off-road terrain, but extreme landscapes. Rivers, swamps, mud, steep inclines and wild, untamed nature: these are all things that a 4×4 enthusiast seeks out, and attempts to conquer.

Candice Morgan travelled out into the country to spend some time with Andre Neethling, not only learning more about true 4×4 vehicles, but also seeing first-hand how they tackle a variety of natural obstacles.

South African Sign Language Lessons

A better term for stress eating is emotional eating, because this behaviour is triggered by our emotional state, not just stress. Anger, fear, sadness, loneliness and boredom can all lead to emotional eating if not properly managed.

In this week’s South African Sign Language lesson, Karabo helps a young man identify ways to break out of his routine of eating junk food whenever he feels bored.

Household Tips

Lemon’s are an incredibly versatile fruit; bitter or sour on their own, they can still find ways into our cooking, health routine, and now, thanks to Nyeleti, even our household cleaning routine. This week she shows you how to use a little bit of lemon oil to give a mirror shine to varnished wood.

iwasshot in joburg 🙂

Thabo Ntatlo visits the Maboneng Precint in Johannesburg, to find out more about the iwasshot Foundation, and the various projects it is involved in to help at risk youth learn new skills, and generate an income.

He spoke with Bernard Viljoen to learn about the foundation’s origins, the projects it is currently involved in, and what the future goals are.

DTV Broadcast Times
This episode is broadcast on Saturday, 27 February 2016 at 12h00 (CAT), and repeated on Sunday, 28 February 2016 at 02h30 (CAT). Only on SABC 3.

Nyeleti’s Household Tips – Water Rings


South African Sign Language Lessons – Scheduling

If you have a job that requires a lot of travelling – to meetings with clients, visiting other offices and branches, or even attending trade exhibitions – it can be quite tricky knowing what is on your schedule for the next day, or even the next week. It is one area where we can be thankful for technology, with email and online synching of calendars making it a little easier to stay on top of your schedule.

In his final South African Sign Language lesson, Thabo Ntatlo has a discussion about this very topic, asking his guest how she manages her schedule while travelling.

Remember this is not the end of our South African Sign Language lessons. From next week the uber-confident Karabo will be bringing her own unique style to helping you learn more about SASL.

DTV - Shakespeare-Schools-Festival

The Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa

The Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa

Inspired by the Shakespeare Schools Festival in the UK, The Shakespeare Schools Festival South Africa is an initiative of Educape that began in 2009. The vision is to inspire and mobilise the youth of South Africa through education and the performing arts.

In 2015, teachers and pupils from St Vincent and Trans-Oranje School of the Deaf were invited to attend the workshops, with the aim being that in 2016 they would participate fully in the workshops, even presenting their own adaptation of a Shakespeare play.

South African Sign Language Lessons

New relationships are both exciting, and a little daunting, as you both have so much to learn about each other. In this week’s South African Sign Language lesson, Karabo has some sage advice for a young man wondering why his new girlfriend doesn’t want to go out that often.

Household Tips

Some surfaces need more than liquid and elbow grease to clean, but using a scourer incorrectly can leave these surfaces with unsightly scratches. Njeleti has an easy solution that isn’t damaging, and uses something found in most kitchens.

Cornet Mamabolo

Skeem Saam is one of the most watched TV shows in South Africa, and Thabo Ntatlo recently met up with one of the show’s break-out stars, Cornet Mamabolo.

Watch this week’s episde of DTV to learn more about this young actor, and to see whether he or Thabo is the better ice-skater.

DTV Broadcast Times
This episode is broadcast on Saturday, 20 February 2016 at 12h00 (CAT), and repeated on Sunday, 21 February 2016 at 02h30 (CAT). Only on SABC 3.

River Rafting

River Rafting

With the assistance of a trained professional, almost anyone can experience the adrenalin inducing thrill of white water river rafting. Troy Panaino recently travelled with 26 friends to Clarens in the Free State, for an adventurous weekend. The water was cold, but Troy still managed to capture all the thrills, spills and fun on camera.

South African Sign Language Lessons

In his final South African Sign Language lesson, Thabo Ntatlo has a conversation about work related travel, and keeping track of your work schedule.

Karabo joins DTV from next week, dishing out some blunt advice, while also helping you with your South African Sign Language. Watch through to the end of this week’s episode for a preview of what you can expect from Karabo.

DTV Broadcast Times
This episode is broadcast on Saturday, 13 February 2016 at 12h00 (CAT), and repeated on Sunday, 14 February 2016 at 02h30 (CAT). Only on SABC 3.

South African Sign Language Lessons – Staff

Many of us started our careers in junior positions, knowing that with hard work and drive, we could be promoted into more senior roles. This is especially true in the corporate world, where your job title isn’t determined by the number of years you have worked there, but rather by your skills, ability to always deliver great work, and determination to move into more demanding roles.

This week’s South African Sign Language lesson introduces signs you would use when discussing staff in a corporate setting: from very junior staff, through to managers and directors.

Copy Thabo Ntatlo’s conversation and ask a friend, using SASL, how many deaf employees their company has.


Nyeleti’s Household Tips – Plastic Containers