Anna & Edward Gaika

Anna & Edward Gaika

Following her previous meeting with Jerry and Francina Nkopane, this week Candice Morgan meets with Anna and Edward Gaika. Anna and Edward have been married for 41-years, and still remember the moment they first met. Anna wasn’t interested in a relationship, but Edward was persistent until Anna eventually agreed to go on a date with him.

They talk about the secrets to a happy marriage, the joy of growing old together, and the family they created – three children, and six grandchildren.

South African Sign Language Lessons

Many big purchases, such as a car, come with many additional costs we don’t always think about, so it helps to discuss these purchases with someone beforehand – someone who will remind you of these additional costs.

In this week’s South African Sign Language lesson, Karabo reminds a young man of the hidden costs in owning a car.

Kelly Grevler

Candice Morgan travels to the Maboneng District in Johannesburg to meet Kelly Grevler. Kelly is a musician who is also passionate about sharing her knowledge of music with others. One of Kelly’s projects is Sidewalk Sessions, free guitar lessons for children she presents every Sunday in Maboneng, something she has been doing for 4-years already.

Kelly also discusses the challenges facing musicians in South Africa, and how having a “back-up plan” often results in mediocre musicians who inadvertently set themselves up for failure. For Kelly it is all about being passionate, hard work and patience.

Nyeleti’s Home Remedies

Nyeleti continues to share her simple home remedies for a variety of ailments.

This week Nyeleti has some remedies to help treat asthma, while also noting that they do not replace the need for professional medical advice and medicine.

DTV Broadcast Times
This episode is broadcast on Saturday, 24 December 2016 at 11:00am (CAT). Only on SABC 2.