Kereese Kuppan

Kereese Kuppan

Thabo Ntatlo meets Kereese Kuppan, a young photographer with her own business. Kereese fell in love with photography at a young age, but gradually shifted from being in front of the camera, to being the one taking the photographs.

Kereese talks about the difficulty in finding employment, especially as a deaf individual, and how her photography business has grown as a result.

South African Sign Language Lessons

Every parent has their own preferred method of raising their children: some enforce discipline, while others allow their children to explore the world around them with little enforcement of rules and discipline. Ultimately it is up to the parents to decide what they will and will not allow, although this can become a problem when the children damage other people’s property.

In this week’s South African Sign Language lesson, Karabo shares some advice with a young man whose friend’s have ill-disciplined children.

Laduma Ngxokolo

Candice Morgan travels to Newtown, Johannesburg to meet Laduma Ngxokolo, the man behind MaXhosa. Laduma recently came to the attention of the fashion industry with his incredible knitwear designs, which are bold, colourful and draw on local culture and beadwork for inspiration.

Laduma’s late mother introduced him to knitting in his teens, and he pursued his interest by later studying textile design. In addition to being inspired by local culture, Laduma also tries to always use South African mohair and wool in his creations, ensuring his designs are firmly rooted in his birth country.

Nyeleti’s Home Remedies

Nyeleti continues to share her simple home remedies for a variety of ailments.

This week Nyeleti has some tips on how to treat nausea.

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This episode is broadcast on Saturday, 10 December 2016 at 11:00am (CAT). Only on SABC 2.